The importance of homework for grades 1-2

The problem with homework has to do with the attitude of the teacher involved. When a teacher gives general homework to the class, it will lead to crisis among the students. The thinking and academic capacity of the students differ from each other.

This is a factor that most teachers fail to include in their factors while they are issuing homework. Homework should be based on the capacity of each kid most especially for kids that are within grade levels 1-2. The teacher that will bring out the best out of homework for their kids should go all out to empower the kids and boost their confidence levels before giving out the assignment.

Some students are homeless. This psychological disadvantage should be taken into account before homework is given. When the right template is put in place by the teacher, achieving the desired positive results in the kids will be possible. Innovative ways to bring out the best quality in learning should be sought always in other to bring out quality that mattered outside the four walls of the classroom.

The connection with home

The majority of the parents have no time to involve themselves with the education of their kids. There is always a gap and homework can be used to close the gap. Top-rated teachers bring out some tricks to enable the parents to interact with their kids during the course of executing their homework.

Clever teachers give assignments based on Family Page Project and Baby Name Project. The objective is to learn more about the family of individual students and it is targeted at arousing the interests of each teacher in the education of their kids.

Give the students time to present their individual family page in class. Each student will find it comfortable doing this in the class and it represents a perfect way of bringing out the best out of the students. A lot of revelations will be revealed during the course of carrying out this assignment and you are going to be surprised that the majority of the students knew next to nothing about their family background.

Traditional daily assignments

There should be variety in traditional daily assignments. It should not be a practical routine. When the assignment is varied; it will go all the way to achieve the desired impacts in the lives of the kids without altering anything. The best approach is to encourage authentic writing for the assignment.

There are several dimensions to achieve the desired results without affecting the kids negatively. For instance, in a mathematics assignment; a mathematics-based game can do the trick. It will provide the template for kids and parent to interact at home.

The school of thought that sees homework as useless in the education of 1-2 grades might be wrong at the end of the day. It is a matter of approach. When the indices are right; the results will follow.

Final thoughts

Homework is an important time to make connections and reflect at home after school hours.

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