Best homework excuses

A lot of students try to justify their refusal to do assignments with different excuses that they see as being fair. Have you ever lied to get away with a penalty for not doing your homework? Research has shown that many students who refuse to do their homework give excuses for being sick to get away with being punished. Some even go as far as lying about their pet eating their homework.

Below are some of the excuses students give for not doing their homework.

  • Some students lie about forgetting their homework at home. Some may forget, but many students who abscond from doing their assignments use this excuse to save themselves from being penalized. A teacher may be left with no choice because it is difficult to differentiate who is lying and who is not.
  • Students also lie that they forgot they were given an assignment. Difficult homework and too much assignment make students lazy to attempt it. Some use this excuse to attract pity from their teachers, but may not rub off on the teacher, except for students with memory loss.
  • Another popular excuse for students is a power issue. They use ‘no power’ as an excuse for not doing their assignment. When the teacher asks, “why didn’t you use candles or any other light source?” they say, “it’s bad for my eye.” This excuse is still being used in less economically developed countries with irregular power supply, but students living in developed countries can no longer use this as an excuse.
  • ‘My computer crashed down’ is a novel excuse among students. They lie about their computer crashing to get away with being punished. Some may even go as worse as intentionally destroying their laptop as evidence that their lie is true. 
  • Some students go as far as lying that their homework got stolen in school. Some girls who lie about this may even be dramatic and add crocodile tears to make their teacher believe their lies.
  • “I didn’t do my homework because it was too hard” is another popular excuse. Students would explain how what the teacher taught in class was more straightforward than the homework they were given. They try as much as possible to convince their teacher that it was unfair of him to have given them a different assignment from what they were taught.
  • Extracurricular activities: students use this excuse a lot to justify their irresponsibility. “I went to church and came back late. I was doing house chores. I was volunteering after school; I got home tired and went to sleep, and many others” are some of these excuses. Extracurricular activities are not bad, but it becomes so when it is used as an excuse for being lackadaisical in your work. 

When you give excuses for not doing your homework, on the one hand, you are putting your integrity at stake, on the other hand, you are robbing yourself of the benefit of doing your homework. Instead, get to work or hire a professional helper at! Then you will improve your grades efficiently and will never have to make excuses again.

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